Turnkey Websites

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Turnkey Websites

Turnkey websites are a good way to start a business online and all you have to is to “turn the key” and you are ready to make some money of it. This is not a get rich quick scam that will make you a millionaire over night, nor it is a way to compete with the “big players” online.

There are two useful ways to benefit from turnkey websites :

  • Buy a turnkey business website and use it as stand alone site in a specific niche or region
  • Add the turnkey website to your active personal or corporate website to add new features and engage your visitors more.

There are many ways to monetize turnkey websites:

  • catvContextual ads like Google Adsense or other networks
  • Affiliate commission from trusted providers
  • Private sales of advertising
  • компютриDirect sale of products using the shopping cart.

Usually, turnkey websites are sold as complete package which includes the коли под наемdomain name, the hosting, the design, the coding/script and the support.

But, still you can get a ready turnkey website and host it on your current hosting account.

Want to start an legitimate online business and make money without falling for the get rich quick scams? Start by choosing one of our turnkey websites, and remember you get free installation and 24/7 support: Turnkey Websites

turnkey websites
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Web 2.0: Evolution Towards a Read/Write Platform

Web 1.0

Pretty much HTML pages viewed through a browser

Web 2.0
(2003- beyond)

Web pages, plus a lot of other “content” shared over the web, with more interactivity; more like an application than a “page”



“Write” & Contribute


Primary Unit of content

“Post / record”




Web browser

Viewed through…

Browsers, RSS Readers, anything

“Client Server”


“Web Services”

Web Coders

Content Created by…



Domain of…

“mass amatuerization”

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